Alcoa signed a definitive agreement to acquire RTI International Metals, a global supplier of titanium and specialty metal products and services for the commercial aerospace, defense, energy and medical-device markets. The $1.5 billion deal will grow Alcoa’s value-add businesses and further strengthen its aerospace portfolio. RTI will expand Alcoa’s range of titanium offerings and add advanced technologies and materials. RTI will also expand Alcoa’s additive-manufacturing capabilities, such as 3D printing, to produce titanium, specialty metals and plastic parts.

 RTI’s titanium operations span midstream processes such as melting, ingot casting, bloom, billet, plate and sheet production; and downstream extrusions for aerospace, oil and gas applications, high-speed machining, and production of integrated subassemblies primarily for aerospace. These capabilities complement Alcoa’s titanium investment casting and forging capabilities and will enable a value-creating closed titanium scrap loop. RTI’s high-velocity machining, forming, extruding and parts-assembly operations will enable Alcoa to produce some of the largest, most complex aerospace components.