Hirschvogel Automotive Group, supplier of forged components for the automotive industry, commissioned a new Schuler press with 2,000 metric tons of force to manufacture a variety of shafts for transmissions, drivetrains and engines. It is the first press line of this size to feature Schuler’s ServoDirect Technology. It was installed at Hirschvogel’s headquarters in Denklingen, Germany. Production is scheduled to begin in April.

 According to Hirschvogel, ServoDirect Technology provides the ability to accurately control the slide speed, allowing the company to closely coordinate the forming and transfer processes and prolong die service life. The freely programmable slide movement also facilitates machine setup. Schuler is now equipping an increasing number of forging presses with ServoDirect Technology. In addition to the just-commissioned press (the seventh Schuler machine in operation at Hirschvogel’s facilities), these include a 1,600-metric-ton closed-die forging press and a 500-metric-ton knuckle-joint press.