The Forging Foundation (FIERF) is a proud sponsor of ASM Teacher Materials Camps. In addition to providing financial support, FIERF also supplies each of the approximately 1,000 teachers attending the camps with a “Forge Your Future” bag containing materials on the forging process and careers in the forging industry.

    “ASM Materials Education Foundation supports educators involved in materials science and engineering through a free 40-hour materials-science workshop called the ASM Materials Camp – Teachers,” explains Nichol Campana, director of development and operations for the ASM Foundation. The 48 camps scheduled for this summer are “focused on enriching, stimulating and enhancing the technical competence and teaching skills of high school and middle school STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teachers. The main emphasis is the use of everyday man-made physical materials, providing hands-on experiences and proven classroom techniques that engage students in science, engineering, technology and mathematics.”

    Tuesday is Metals Day at the camps. Topics include mechanical properties of metals, effects of heat treating, phase diagrams, testing metals and manufacturing processes. Much of the instruction is hands-on, giving teachers activities to use back in their classrooms. More than a dozen FIA-member volunteers gave of their time this summer to visit camps on Metals Tuesdays to talk about the forging process and the type of jobs available in their companies.

    “You can really tell that the teachers at the camp are intrigued when they learn about the steel industry. For a lot of them, this is the first time they have been exposed to the concepts of melting, forging and metalworking. From the questions they ask and their interest level, I truly think that they are taking this information back to their students and helping to generate excitement about the industry,” said Chuck Fryman of The Ellwood Group, who has wowed teachers attending the Youngstown State University camp for the past three years with videos of the steel melting process.

    David Bahr, professor and head of the Materials Engineering Department at Purdue University, thinks Fryman is right. Bahr has seen a 100% increase in the number of students majoring in Material Engineering Science at the two universities he has been affiliated with during the past several years.

    “We saw students coming from high schools we’d never seen in MSE before,” Bahr said. After two years of this we checked with Andy Nydam, the master teacher that ran the ASM Teacher Camp in Seattle. It turned out the new students all were from high schools where teachers had attended camps he had been involved in teaching. The lag between a teacher at the camp and a student at WSU was on the order of three or four years.”

    This year, through the generosity of Walker Forge, FIERF was able to provide samples of forgings for each of the camps. 

    To learn more about FIERF’s involvement at Teacher Materials Camps or to contribute toward the sponsorship of camps, contact the Foundation Office.


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