Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd. (SFIL) recently became one of a select number of British companies to fabricate safety-critical cast and forged components for nuclear power stations. The green light for SFIL came with the formal presentation of the certificate for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Nuclear Partials (NPT) status. The ASME code is the most comprehensive series of guidelines for civil nuclear manufacture in the world. SFIL has worked with Westinghouse Electric Company UK Ltd. as a key supply-chain partner for many years.

Graham Honeyman, SFIL chief executive, said: “We are delighted to be presented with the ASME NPT certificate by Westinghouse, an apex manufacturer of civil power stations and a world leader in the field. The accreditation to ASME NPT status allows us to build on many years as a manufacturer of large cast and forged components for civil nuclear and to now move into another phase of nuclear development. SFIL now sits with one of its other key customers and partners, Rolls-Royce, as one of the only U.K. companies qualified for main component fabrication within the heart of a civil nuclear power plant.”