Alcoa signed a multi-year supply agreement with Airbus for value-add titanium and aluminum aerospace forgings. Alcoa will produce the parts using its recently modernized 50,000-ton press in Cleveland, Ohio. Alcoa will supply titanium parts, including forgings used to connect the wing structure to the engine, for the A320neo, a fuel-efficient single-aisle jet. The agreement, which is valued at approximately $110 million, also includes several large aluminum forgings for the A330 and A380 that will be made using Alcoa’s proprietary 7085 alloy intended specifically for large structural aircraft components. Most of these forgings support the wing structure, where strength-to-weight ratio is critical to efficient flight performance.

In 2012, Alcoa signed multi-year supply agreements with Airbus for aerospace aluminum sheet, plate and hard-alloy extruded products utilizing Alcoa’s advanced-generation aluminum-lithium alloys. Those agreements were valued at approximately $1.4 billion. In addition to sheet, plate, forgings and extrusions, Alcoa’s specialty fasteners and structural castings are also used on Airbus aircraft.