The two new additions to LumaSense Technologies’ product line of Impac pyrometers are capable of measuring wide temperature ranges. They also provide focusable optics, high accuracy and repeatability, best-in-class response time of just 120 microseconds and an operator-friendly LED display. The IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced noncontact pyrometers can measure temperatures from 600-3000°C and 250-2500°C, respectively. This wide range extends the capabilities of LumaSense’s LS6 sensor portfolio for steelmaking processes such as forging, induction heating and cooling, melting, casting, annealing and sintering, as well as advanced manufacturing processes for ceramics, graphite and other carbon materials. The IS 6 Advanced and IGA 6 Advanced are equipped with stainless steel housings for harsh environments and a four-digit LED display that indicates current temperature or currently set measuring distance.