German press manufacturer Siempelkamp received an order for a 20,000-ton closed-die forging press from Russia’s OAO Electrostal. Expected to be commissioned in early 2013, this press is intended to produce parts made of nickel-based superalloys. It is also the first one of its size to include a tool heating system, which allows the press to achieve high precision for materials that are difficult to form, such as Inconel. Electrostal will produce parts with lengths of up to 1,200 mm (3.9 feet) and widths of up to 800 mm (2.6 feet) at a weight of up to 800 kg (1,764 pounds) for high-temperature applications.           

The tool heating system heats the tools to up to 800°C (1472°F) and ensures that the parts do not cool down. Thus, the forming speed can be specifically controlled. The result is near-net-shape component parts that require considerably less subsequent machining. Siempelkamp will supply an all-in-one solution for the forging of complex component parts, including hydraulic and electrical systems, tool heating system, feeder and spray robots, and forging manipulator. Siempelkamp will also be in charge of transportation and assembly of the press.