Sheffield Forgemasters signed a $4 million order with ATI Ladish Forging to supply large castings for one of the world’s largest counter-blow hammer presses. The castings, representing the upper and lower rams for Ladish’s number 85 press, will weigh 180 and 170 tons, respectively. Sheffield Forgemasters will conduct two pours to create the castings, requiring four ladles of molten steel for each. The castings will form the main rams, which drive the counter-blow hammer faces together. The castings will be delivered to Ladish’s Cudahy, Wis., plant by October 2012.         

This is the fourth order of this type placed by Ladish with Forgemasters. The size of this latest batch of castings requires them to be finish-machined in a vertical boring machine that is capable of operating up to 5½ meters in height. The rams for the number 85 press will deliver 125,000 Mkg of forging pressure once in operation. Forgemasters will burnish the main diameter of the upper casting with a specially designed tool. The tool’s roller is applied to the diameter of the piece under pressure. This will consolidate the journal surface to enable it to run freely along bearings.