Allegheny Technologies Inc. signed a long-term sourcing agreement with GE Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric Company, for the supply of Rene 65 Alloy. Rene 65 Alloy, a future-generation alloy, is the newest nickel-based superalloy developed by ATI in collaboration with GE Aviation. The agreement covers Rene 65 Alloy disc-quality mill products sold to GE Aviation and its suppliers by ATI Allvac, an operating unit of Allegheny Technologies. Rene 65 Alloy billet is forged at ATI Ladish using both isothermal forging and hot-die forging into several jet-engine components.            

ATI produces Rene 65 Alloy billet at its new Titanium and Superalloy Forging Facility, which houses large, powerful open-die forge presses. The real-time technology exchange between GE Aviation and ATI’s mill product and forging metallurgists significantly compressed the time it took to develop Rene 65 Alloy. GE and its supply-chain partners are implementing the alloy in both legacy and next-generation jet engines.