Hitachi Metals Ltd., Kobe Steel Ltd., IHI Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. established a joint venture called Japan Aeroforge Ltd. to manufacture large forgings for use in aircraft and power plants. The new company will install Japan's first 50,000-metric-ton forging press, which will manufacture large forgings mainly for the growing international aircraft industry. The advanced press will enable stable production of large forgings made of titanium, nickel and high alloys. In addition, integrated domestic production will promote high-efficiency recycling of large amounts of waste chips and other scrap. It will also contribute to reducing the use of rare metals.

Hitachi Metals, Kobe Steel and other material makers will supply titanium, nickel, high alloys and other materials to Japan Aeroforge, which will then process the material. After processing, Japan Aeroforge will return the processed parts to Hitachi Metals, Kobe Steel and other materials makers for heat treatment, machining and inspection. Hitachi Metals and Kobe Steel will then supply the forged parts to IHI, KHI, other domestic heavy industry manufacturers and heavy electrical machinery manufacturers. Hitachi Metals and Kobe Steel have incorporated Japan Aeroforge into their business strategies and intend to actively promote the business.