Schuler Group subsidiary Schuler-SMG received an order from China to supply a turnkey press line for the forging and rolling of railcar wheels. In addition to its forging presses, Schuler will also be supplying a newly developed wheel rolling machine. At the heart of the line are two presses for preforming the heated blocks, a wheel rolling machine, and a flanging and punching press. The line is designed to reach a maximum of 75 parts per hour. In conjunction with the highly precise forging presses, the die concept developed by Schuler ensures narrow tolerances and low material consumption.

After heating the billet to 1250°C, a preform is forged in two stages with press forces of 5,000 and 10,000 metric tons. The forming process is then continued on the wheel rolling machine. Finally, a flanging press with a force of 5,000 metric tons gives the wheel its final shape and at the same time punches the hub. The central control desk allows user-friendly and effective monitoring of the entire line. All relevant process data can be quickly accessed using the extensive data-management and data-archiving system.