Germany’s Schuler Group will begin licensed construction of open-die presses under Wepuko’s Pahnke brand and deliver the lines worldwide as turnkey systems. Under the terms of the cooperation agreement, the lines will be built by Schuler’s manufacturing network under the Schuler Pahnke brand. Schuler and Wepuko will jointly drive all new developments and regularly update the lines. The engineering process for the new machine type will be entrusted to Wepuko and the hydraulic experts of Schuler SMG.

Pahnke open-die presses have been one of the world’s most technologically advanced lines for decades. This is due in part to their drive technology with the so-called Pahnke Modified Sinusoidal Direct Drive (PMSD) system. As opposed to conventional drive systems, which control the press movement via valves, the PMSD system uses high-pressure pumps that can be quickly regulated. These ensure smooth running, absolute process reliability and much lower energy consumption. The result is service lives of over 50,000 operating hours and energy savings of 20-30% for oil-hydraulic drives and over 60% for water-hydraulic drives.