Nonferrous Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IBC Advanced Alloys Corp., completed the installation of its large-scale ring-rolling mill in Franklin, Ind. This is a significant expansion to IBC's previous ring-manufacturing capability and positions the company as one of North America's largest copper and copper-alloy forged-ring manufacturers. The capital improvement project will allow IBC to enhance its forging capability and more effectively service market requirements for copper, beryllium-copper and aluminum-bronze alloy rings.

Markets for high-reliability copper-alloy precision forged rings include the oil and gas industry, electric motors, heat exchangers and desalination plants as well as the aerospace and naval marine sectors. The manufacturing addition will cement IBC’s position as a one-stop ISO 9001-certified forging plant for nonferrous alloy rolled-ring products. According to Vancouver, British Columbia-based IBC, orders have already been booked.