Zhong Yuan Special Steel Co. of Jiyuan City, Henan Province, China, commissioned an open-die forging press of Type OF2-45/50 MN (two-column push-down press) supplied by Germany’s SMS Meer. The press is used to process normal and high-alloy steels as intermediates for various industrial applications with a press force of up to 45 MN and an upsetting force of 50 MN. The press is one of the first of a new press generation characterized by a particularly high-performance capability. The press operates at up to 140 strokes/minute, whereas the predecessor generation typically achieves only around 85 strokes/minute. This means significantly shorter forging times, particularly when planishing long bars, which allows a reduction in the necessary forging heats with the associated energy savings and increased productivity.

With the strategic investment in this press size, Zhong Yuan Special Steel Co. hopes to reduce costs and enhance the quality of materials processing. SMS Meer supplied the key components of the forging press and the complete hydraulic and electrical equipment. The hydraulic power pack is located away from the press in a separate room, allowing optimum sound insulation during forging. The commissioning, including the integration of the forging manipulator, was carried out completely by specialists from SMS Meer.