Final figures showing 2008 sales of metal forgings produced by independent forging plants in the United States, Canada and Mexico have been released by the Forging Industry Association (FIA). Total industry shipments by the custom open-die forging industry in 2008 were up to a record $2,034,983,000, 14% above 2007’s volume. Bookings of open-die forging orders during 2008 also increased (13%) from 2007. Total industry shipments for the custom seamless rolled-ring forging industry increased to $1,785,788,000, 23% above 2007’s volume. Bookings for seamless rolled-ring forgings for 2008 increased 29% from 2007.

Total industry shipments for the custom impression-die forging industry were at $6,084,809,000 in 2008, down 1% from 2007. Bookings of impression-die forging orders during 2008 decreased 6% from 2007. The aerospace sector made up the largest percentage of impression-die industry sales at 33.1%. The FIA’s annual report of industry sales is based on information compiled from companies believed to have produced an average of 92% of 2008’s total custom forging sales.