IBC Advanced Alloys Corp., an integrated manufacturer and distributor of beryllium-based alloys and related products, has acquired Specialloy Copper Alloys, a specialty-alloy manufacturer and processing company. “Specialloy has the capacity to supplement our existing beryllium-based casting and forging business and lead to increased production of advanced alloy products,” said Anthony Dutton, president and CEO of Vancouver, British Columbia-based IBC. Specialloy, in business for 57 years, manufactures and processes a range of copper master alloys used by foundries to produce copper alloy products and copper-based alloys in billet and slab form, including beryllium copper alloys. Specialloy's plant in New Madrid, Mo., is a 26,500-square-foot manufacturing and warehouse building. It has two furnaces and is capable of producing billets in a range of sizes and compositions.