China Wind Systems has purchased $4 million of new equipment to expand its manufacture of forged rolled rings and further its strategy to serve the growing wind-power industry in China. The purchase is the first step of a multi-stage expansion that will enable the company to produce rolled rings up to 6 meters in diameter as well as other windmill components. The facility currently includes a 4,500-ton press and ring-rolling mill. China Wind Systems plans to purchase additional equipment during phases two and three of its expansion.

China Wind Systems has delivered sample products to Wuxi Lida Gear Manufacturing Co., Gansu Keyao Electrical Power Co. and Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Ltd., all of which have inspected and approved the company’s product prototypes. Both Wuxi Lida and Gansu Keyao previously signed agreements with China Wind Systems to purchase up to 1,350 tons of rolled rings and 3,300 tons of wind-tower flanges, respectively. Hangzhou Gearbox has initially ordered 150 tons of gear rims. The company will begin shipping orders immediately.