China Valves Technology Inc. (Kaifeng, China), a leading metal-valve manufacturer, announced that its subsidiary, Henan Kaifeng High Pressure Valve Co., has developed the capability to manufacture high-performance forged-steel valves for use in ultra supercritical thermal power generating units. The new valves are able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures as well as offer longer life and superior air tightness than conventional valves. It took 48 months for the company's research team to develop the ability to manufacture these valves.

The newly developed valves underwent testing and were approved for use by Zouxian Power Station in Shandong province and Changzhou Power Station in Jinagsu province. Testing showed that the valves performed as well as similar products used in the application, which are currently imported from suppliers in Germany and the United States.

China Valves has received orders worth $1.7 million for its new forged-steel valves. "We are the first manufacturer in China capable of producing high-quality forged-steel valves for use in ultra supercritical thermal power generators. We believe this new valve has strong market potential, and we expect to receive more orders for them," said Mr. Siping Fang, chairman and CEO of China Valves.