Manufacturers of forged wheel rims in Taiwan have enjoyed strong success in supplying local markets with wheels for powered two-wheelers (PTWs, including both motorcycles and scooters), all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or utility vehicles (UTVs). The Taiwanese PTW wheel-rim sector, for example, has been steadily growing, and as the domestic market demand is met, exports become a more important part of the picture.

For local wheel producers such as Rolling Tech International Co. market saturation in Taiwan means growth will come from a larger variety of product offerings and growth in export markets. This ISO 9001- and QS 9000-certified company has become Taiwan`s largest supplier of aluminum wheel rims for ATVs and golf carts. The firm now supplies rims to almost all major ATV manufacturers in Taiwan, giving it about 80% of the market. It also exports products to many big customers in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. The company claims to be the world’s second-largest ATV wheel-rim maker.

King Hwa Sin Industrial Co. is another wheel rim supplier in Taiwan. The ISO 9001-certified company is one of the largest original equipment (OE) wheel-rim suppliers to PTW and ATV manufacturers in Taiwan. The firm is now aiming for the world market, and they have also diversified into other vehicle parts such as sprockets, drum brakes, continuous variable transmission (CVT) parts, cold- and hot-forged parts, agricultural equipment parts, gardening equipment parts and furniture parts.