ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft Company announced it will close its crankshaft machining plant in Fostoria, Ohio, and move those operations into its Danville, Ill., facility. Starting in November 2009, all heavy-duty forging and machining operations will be located in Danville. The announcement follows last year’s $40 million investment in the Danville plant to expand its machining operations to include a fully automated, state-of-the-art crankshaft machining line. The company also approved an additional investment of $19 million for infrastructure expansion, upgrades and relocation expenses into its renovated 200,000-square-foot building located next to the existing Danville forging operations.

The two machining plants produce crankshafts for the North American heavy-duty automotive, truck and engine markets. ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft currently employs 359 at its Fostoria machining facility. In Danville, the company employs 123 at its machining plant, 112 at its forging facility and 38 at its corporate headquarters. Total employment at ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft’s Danville machining, forging and corporate facility is expected to exceed 400 by November 2009.