ABP Induction, LLC and Pillar Induction Company, LLC, both producers of induction melting and heating systems, have combined their operations into a new company that will be known as ABP Induction, LLC. The newly formed company, owned by Chicago-based CM Acquisitions, will have its world headquarters in Dortmund, Germany. The company operates U.S. offices in North Brunswick, N.J., and Brookfield, Wis.

The two constituent companies have been working closely for the past two years since ABP Induction was formed through the acquisition of ABB's (Asea Brown Boveri) Foundry Systems Business Unit in November 2005.

Product offerings of the new company will include: coreless induction furnaces, induction channel furnaces, holding furnaces, heated and unheated pouring furnaces with leading-edge control technology for ferrous and nonferrous applications, and induction heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening, as well as comprehensive systems engineering, automation and project management.

According to Wolfgang Andree, president of ABP Induction, “This enables us to better serve our customers by providing a more expansive product offering and enhanced aftermarket services. Further, customers will benefit from the innovative products and technology that will result from the combination of these two technological leaders.”