Cold Quenching Oil

Houghton International offers forging companies a moderately fast cold quenching oil that prevents surface stains on heat-treated metals. HOUGHTO-QUENCH 3430 is a low-viscosity quenchant based on paraffinic mineral oils and additives that possesses excellent thermal stability and provides bright quenching that requires minimal cleaning. Deep hardening and clean work are necessary for meeting stringent automotive and aerospace applications. HOUGHTO-QUENCH 3430 is used for hardening forgings made of alloy steels and carbon steel of lean to high hardenability. The quenchant gives greater depth of hardening than straight mineral oils due to a powerful additive package that provides uniform rapid quenching. Forgers can use HOUGHTO-QUENCH 3420 in open quench tanks and integral quenching chambers. The oil is free of saponifiables, so it is suitable for quenching lean alloy products that have been austenitized or carburized in salt baths.