Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Houghton International offers its Cosmolubric B-230 and Cosmolubric HF-130 fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, useful under the heat and pressure aspects of forging operations. Cosmolubric B-230 is the latest development in Houghton’s line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for forging. It is a high-viscosity, vegetable-oil-derived fluid formulated with additives to enhance corrosion protection, metal passivation and oxidative inhibition. It is preferred over mineral-oil-based fluids for forging because it resists ignition and is less flammable in the event of a hydraulic line rupture. Additionally, Cosmolubric B-230 is readily biodegradable. Cosmolubric HF-130 is a high-quality synthetic polyol ester hydraulic fluid. Chemically and thermally stable, it has been designed for long life and dependable performance in forging applications requiring a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. Cosmolubric HF-130 exhibits a good viscosity index and contains an additive package that provides hydrolytic stability, as well as corrosion protection and oxidative inhibition.