Third Generation Pump/Motor Control System

UNiGY has introduced its upgraded, third-generation technology platform for its control-system products. A DSP (digital signal processor) with the highest available processing speed has been added to the system’s PHD (pump-modeling hydraulic drive). This provides higher resolution and greater process control, allowing the system to react even more quickly and precisely to constantly changing hydraulic-system demands. Expanded memory and buffers allow data logging and pump diagnostic data acquisition modules to be embedded in the PHD. This permits the pump to constantly compare current pump and motor operating parameters against the original parameters stored in the system during initial pump startup. An AnyBus module supports nearly all machine interface protocols. Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) technology allows “line shafting,” which permits a single platform to link and control multiple hydraulic systems in any series or number. Enhanced processing capabilities allow the system to compensate in real time for non-linear conditions like fluid compression, fluctuating flow resistance and windage as well as viscous and coulomb losses. These and additional features can be retrofitted onto earlier-generation UNiGY systems. The new technology platform can be applied to a broad range of standardized pump/motor combinations, ranging in size from 3kW to 1,500kW and 4 HP to greater than 2,100 HP.