Buehler, Ltd.

Buehler, Ltd. has introduced its new PowerPro 7000, 8000 and 9000 floor mount grinder-polishers. These machines expand on the durability and ruggedness of the current PowerPro line of products while providing the floor mount cabinetry capable of accommodating a recirculating coolant system, up to eight automatic abrasive modular dispensers and a four-drawer consumable storage cabinet. The large-diameter platen and powerful base and head motors enable difficult-to-prepare materials and multiple samples to be prepared quickly and easily. They were designed for use in environments requiring large volume or large-sized sample preparation. The PowerPro line of grinder-polishers is the first that allows sample preparation using the Zaxis Macro Material Removal System, a unique system that enables an operator to remove material from samples by desired depth. A powerful 2 HP (1800 W) motor and a large 10-inch-diameter or 12-inch-diameter platen can prepare up to 10 samples simultaneously. Other features include an LCD screen with backlighting, soft touch-pad controls, variable platen speed, dual head speed, eight-language display selection and platen cooling capability. All three models offer central force operation. Versatility can be increased by selecting a model with single force operation or advanced programmability. The PowerPro 9000 allows the operator to use one of the 25 preprogrammed Buehler Sum-Met preparation methods or custom create up to 25 user-defined methods.