Newage Testing Instruments

Newage Testing Instruments has released its B.O.S.S. model OS300-WT3 Brinell Optical Scanning System for automatic measurement of Brinell impressions. This instrument combines all the Brinell measurement accuracy capabilities of larger systems, but it is combined with the much smaller Ultra-Mobile PC using Windows XP with a screen resolution of 800x480, memory of at least 512 MB and data storage of 20-60 GB. The computer measures 9 inches x 5.5 inches x 1 inch, and the scan head is 7 inches tall x maximum 2.5-inch diameter. A virtual keyboard screen can be switched on so descriptive information on the samples can be entered and saved in the database for each type of test part. The B.O.S.S. uses built-in LED illumination, minimizing the power draw on the computer batteries.